Fit Club Saturday

with Jamaica Aali and co-host Leena John.  Together we have lost 160 pounds, but we are still figuring things out.  Join us as we talk goals and talk sh*t on Clubhouse.


Usually fitness related... sometimes not. (9am west)

Clubhouse on Saturdays at 9am (west) / 12pm (east)

Join Leena and Jamaica ever Saturday! Topics vary by week.  New to Clubhouse?  No problem.  It's an audio chat room, and we will send you the link when you sign up for Fit Club.


Host your own Clubhouse room within Fit Club!

Want to host?  Easy.  Just let us know and in that form to the right, and we will make you a club leader.  Please post one room at a time, and no pyramid schemes (we hate that this has to be a disclaimer).


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