Memorial Day BBQ

Hi tribe. We look forward to seeing you on Monday at the Memorial Day BBQ!   Please review the info below. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, post them in the WhatsApp group and you can support each other in getting them resolved. 

Please note that this event is at capacity.  Absolutely no additional guests are permitted.


  1. Thank you for remembering that this is our home.  Let’s have a good time while respecting the rules—no weed smoking, no glass cups, no snitches (j/k)

  2. This event begins at 11am with no set end time.  Feel free to post in the WhatsApp group if you are on the way and want to see if we are still going strong. 

  3. The location is called Lunada. You can type this into Google maps  (ONLY Google) and the first result is the correct one. We are on Calle 38 between Ave 20 and 10th. The building is purple and gold. When you enter the building, turn right and take the elevator to the roof. Security may ask you to sign in, but it is unlikely. 

  4. If you get lost, please post in the WhatsApp group. Eb has kindly volunteered to monitor the chat or someone else in the group can surely help. (AKA not me—leave me alone. Jk, I’ll help but teamwork makes the dream work). 

  5. Thank you to Peyton for helping with food / drink / cutlery setup. Please see Peyton on arrival if you need help with placing an item. 

  6. This event is BYO. We will have some beer and drinks to mix. 

  7. Please remember that we have no maids or hired help. Thank you for cleaning up after yourself and doing a little extra on top of that. 

  8. Cross contamination on the grill is inevitable. If you have food restrictions of any kind please bring something that you know you can eat. 

  9. Please bring the appropriate serving dish and utensil for any dish you bring.  It can be helpful to pre-slice dishes that require slicing. 

  10. Have fun!