That Little Black Woman Did What?

My mother was 4’11, but nothing else about her was diminutive. She passed away from pancreatic cancer in late 2019, but without her there would simply be no Black Everywhere. It’s hard to find the silver linings when your mom dies, but now as I watch the Black Everywhere community grow and thrive I know that the energy I put into developing our organization is fueled by honoring her.

The daughter of a sharecropper in South Carolina, she, her five siblings and young parents moved to Philadelphia during the Great Migration. She became the first in her family to go to college and went on to integrate Northwestern University law school. She moved to California for the weather, and worked as a public defender raising my brother and me to be public servants and international travelers.

She always had a smile to spare, a hand to hold, or a song to sing. She loved black people.

Happy birthday Ms. Fields. I miss you to the core.