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Black Travel Experiences

Traveling is fun.  Traveling with Black Everywhere® means experiencing destinations near and far with friends.  ​

Black Everywhere® has over 15,000 members, but is lead by a small team of mostly volunteers.  So, we keep our travel events intimate and they sell out very quickly.  Recent and upcoming travel includes:

Upcoming International Trips:

  • Southern Italy

  • London

  • Costa Rica 

  • Bali

Recent Destinations:

  • Paris

  • Rome​

  • Mayan Riviera (Mexico)

  • Costa Rica

We also travel domestically, with trips to Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Atlanta, Yosemite, and Big Bear on the horizon.

Dining in Italy or adventuring in Costa Rica?  Join us for a trip of a lifetime.  Register for Black Everywhere, then stay tuned for upcoming information sessions.

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